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HERE I AM! Same girl, different habits. Happy #TransformationTuesday! 

There I am on NYE 2012, 20lbs thicker! Since then I’ve gained a fro & shed a large percentage of my body fat and replaced it with muscle simply by adding more #cardio to my weekly routines (#Zumba 3Xs a week), plus #strengthtraining (2-3Xs a week). 

Many assume that my eating habits have changed too. The truth is, I choose to eat what I want but I #eatresponsibly. Meaning, I make sure I eat #fresh #BALANCEDmeals - I eat all of my veggies, always include a good source of protein, and I made water my go-to drink. Not to mention, for every poor “gotta have it” meal/snack, I designate a workout that will burn those calories away. Oh, & I cut back on the cocktails πŸ˜”.

Though I’m still a #workinprogress, I encourage you to fall in love with some kind of physical activity that matches your personality (mine is ZUMBA πŸ˜‰) & EAT RESPONSIBLY as if your health depends on it (because it does!). Be consistent, dedicated, and remain positive. #TakeCare

If there’s anything you need to know about me, it’s I jump for joy, I smile for relief, and I live my life freely & to the fullest.Β 


- Brittney Rae Reese

(photo cred: Andrea Gerstenberger)

"Let them talk, you’ll learn more."

- Brittney Rae

#classic 😝
Took this pic on the 29th for a booking submission to prove to the agent that I AM in the shape that I said I’m in. I post this pic today to hopefully prove to you that being dedicated to your HEALTH produces #results. Though the hardest part of leading a #Healthy & #Fit lifestyle is starting, remember, the hardest part after that is stopping. #persevere #livewell #leadwell #doitforyourself #instafit #motivation πŸ’ͺ

I believe in MAGIC.

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Today, May 28th 2014 marks the 1 year home going anniversary of my beloved Grandma, Mary Ella Reese, and the home going of the world’s “Phenomenal Woman”, Dr. Maya Angelou. I thank God for both of these remarkable women as they shared a common strength and wisdom that has inspired me over the years to become the woman I am today.

THANK YOU…both of you πŸ’•

Forever missed. Forever an inspiration. Forever Phenomenal Women.

Love you, Grandma! Rest in Peace, Ms. Maya!
The TRUE Gentleman

"In a world of deceit, the biggest challenge is staying TRUE to yourself and maintaining a SPIRIT of DISCERNMENT."

- Brittney Rae

Days like these make me feel like I’m #SuperHuman. | #hardwork #easyplay #instafit #motivation #productive #fitandfierce

Brittney Rae Reese, Denver Zumba instructor, dances onto Let's Make a Deal

I knew my dance moves would get me somewhere one day! ;)

YEEEAS!! I shall name you, Drunk Uncle Ron. Your dance moves complete me. :)

Yesterday I asked my mom “what has been the most rewarding experience as a #Mother?” She said, “watching 3 beautiful girls grow up into 3 upstanding women.” πŸ˜˜πŸ’— #jobwelldone #blessed #thankyouMom! #weloveyou

SWEEEET! I made it to YAHOO! SPORTS!!! Maybe I’ll be the next Draft pickΒ Β lolΒ 

I have officially LIVED! Zumba’d on national TV in a money bag with @WayneBrady! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜…πŸ’ƒπŸ’° | #OMGTi04! #Zumba #LMAD #CBS @LetsMakeDealCBS #priceless #Zonked #stillgotmymoney (at Hollywood!)